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Hoenn - Route 110 by SirAquakip

I commend Mark for this stunning display of original, unique Pokémon sprite graphics. Witnessing this fabulous art invokes almost a nostalgic emotion. A feeling that these graphics will probably never be, leaves me feeling dissatisfied with the Pokémon video games as I would truly desire to have these beautiful graphics implemented into the official Pokémon video games.

The clean, almost simplistic style (while not as truly CLEAN as I love), is incredibly appealing to the eye and would make a game this SEXY, thoroughly enjoyable to play and appreciate.

Tip - Although I love the shadows of the characters and Pokémon, in my opinion, since the shadows are 50% black, I believe it should feather out with a 1 pixel thick 25% black. This would give it a smoother and less jagged appearance. Do try it out and if you like the results, get back to me!
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